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Anniversary meeting with Prof.Gombrich and Dr.Shaw

31 August 2022 Saturday 24th September the Friends of Buddhism Foundation celebrates 25 years of translating the Pali-Canon into Dutch. In honor of the special jubilee a festive meeting will be held with among other activities lectures by internationally well-known scientists and translators: Professor Richard Gombrich and Doctor Sarah Shaw. More information about location, time and registration is...

Articles during the year

6 May 2022 VvB has a long history of publishing articles. It started in 1968 with the paper magazine Saddharma, that was published until 1995. From 2004-2011 we had the magazine Vorm en Leegte (‘Form and Emptiness’) and from 2011-2015 Boeddha magazine. After that we began publishing articles on the internet, each season a volume of articles. However,...

Board Change

20 April 2022 The foundation Friends of Buddhism is pleased to announce that at 14 March 2022 Alie Rozendal has joined the board. She will be taking over the management of the Secretariat from Rozanne van der Veur, who announced the wish to end her tasks on the board in the autumn of 2022. In this article Alie...

New: the different discourses available as complete series

19 April 2022 Until now the different series of the Pali-Canon could only be acquired each volume at a time. We are happy to anounce that it is now possible to buy the complete sets. From now on you can order the three volumes of the Majjhima-Nikaya, or the three volumes of the Khudakka-Nikaya, or all five volumes...

Website available in English

18 March 2022 A large part of our website is now available in English. This enables us to strengthen our international ties and to intensify our contacts in the area of translations of the Pali-Canon.

Revised edition Majjhima-Nikaya

6 March 2022 The first volume of the Majjhima-Nikaya is again available in print. In this fourth, revised edition, a cursory glance may reveal few changes, but if the two editions are placed side by side, many small but not insignificant differences will be noticed.

Pali-Canon in e-book

6 March 2022 Every volume of the Sutta Pitaka that is translated in Dutch by Jan de Breet and Rob Janssen is now available in e-book – except the Digha-Nikaya, pending the revision of the first edition. The revised second edition is expected mid-2022.

In memoriam Jan de Breet

1 March 2022 Jan de Breet, 62 years old, passed away 24th November 2021. He devoted dozens of years to the translation of the Pali-Canon, working together with his partner Rob Janssen(1931-2019). Jacques den Boer wrote the below obituary