Pali-Canon in e-book

6 March 2022

Every volume of the Sutta Pitaka that is translated in Dutch by Jan de Breet and Rob Janssen is now available in e-book – except the Digha-Nikaya, pending the revision of the first edition. The revised second edition is expected mid-2022.

De Pali-Canon als e-boek
Sixteen out of seventeen of the Dutch translations of the Pali-Canon are available in e-book form since 2021

It took some time, but the Dutch translations of the four volumes of the Anguttara-Nikaya and the three volumes of the Khudakka-Nikaya are now available in e-book. The fifth volume of the Anguttara-Nikaya is expected later in 2022, both in print and as e-book.

The revised first volume of the Majjhima-Nikaya is available in print now. The e-bookedition is updated accordingly.

The firste edition of the Dutch translation of the Digha-Nikaya is out of print for some time now. The expected publication date of the revised second edition has been postponed due to the health-issues and death of Jan de Breet. The publication is expected mid-2022. The second edition will be both in print and in e-book. Just as the first edition, the second edition will comprise the complete Digha-Nikaya, (parts DN1, DN2, DN3) in one volume