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Becoming a Friend of Buddhism

Your donation helps to realise the goals of our foundation. With your donation you support the translation of the oldest texts of the Buddha’s teachings, the Pali Canon, into the Dutch language and make them permanently accessible. The help of donors is very much needed.

Becoming a donor
For a minimum of €10,- a year, you can be a Friend. But any higher amount is of course very welcome.
You can make your donation via the secure payment module on the right.

If you prefer to pay via internet banking, you can do so at NL64 INGB 0001 5200 22 or NL95 TRIO 0212 4902 14 in the name of: Stichting Vrienden van Boeddhisme (Foundation Friends of Buddhism) . Please do not forget to mention your first and last names and address in the description. We use these data for sending you a mailing by post no more than once a year.

The VvB foundation has been recognised as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI). Donations to the foundation are tax deductible under the ANBI system. Every year, the VvB Foundation publishes its annual financial statements and an annual report with a plan for the coming year. You can find them here. See also our information on legacies.

Yes, I support the translation and permanent accessibility of the oldest texts of the teachings of the Buddha, the Pali-Canon in our own language

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