Articles during the year

6 May 2022

VvB has a long history of publishing articles. It started in 1968 with the paper magazine Saddharma, that was published until 1995. From 2004-2011 we had the magazine Vorm en Leegte (‘Form and Emptiness’) and from 2011-2015 Boeddha magazine. After that we began publishing articles on the internet, each season a volume of articles. However, for the digital era this ‘saving up’ of publishable material until a specific total amount of words is out of date.

Therefore the editors decided to stop the seasonal publications. As soon as an article is ready for publication, it will be made available on our website. As a consequence of this policy, sometimes a few articles will be published at once, and sometimes a single column or article will be published.

This means that our website will offer something new more often than before, but in smaller badges. A good reason to visit our website regularly.